e they had hidden their canoes. Le Jeune was exhausted and sick, and Mestigoit offered to carry him in his canoe to Quebec. This Indian was by far t

us threate


he best of the three brothers, and both Pierre and the sorcerer looked to him for support. He was strong, active, and daring, a skilful hunter, and

ned with s


a dexterous canoeman. Le Jeune gladly accepted his offer; embarked with him and Pierre on the dreary and tempestuous river; and, after a voyage full


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of hardship, during which the canoe narrowly escaped being ground to atoms among the fl

oating ice, landed on the Island of Orleans, six miles from Quebec. The afternoon was stormy and dark, and the river was covered with ice, sweeping by with th

Nor was t

e tide. They were forced to encamp. At midnight, the moon had risen, the river was comparatively unenc

umbered, and they embarked once more. The wind increased, and the waves tossed furiously. Nothing saved them but the skill and courage of Mestigoit. At length they could see the rock of Quebec towering through the gloom, but piles of ice lined the sh

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ore, while floating masses were drifting

down on the angry current. The Indian watched his moment, shot his canoe

through them, gained the fixed ice, leaped out, and shouted to his companions to f

ollow. Pierre scrambled up, but the

ice was six feet out of the water, and Le Jeune's agility failed him. He

saved himself by clutching the ankle of Mestigoit, by whose aid he gained a firm

foothold at the top, and, for a mome

nt, 41 the three voyagers, aghast at the narrowness of their escape, sto

od gazing at each other in silence. It was three o'clock in the morning when Le J

eune knocked at the door of his rude lit

tle convent on the St. Charles; and the Fathers, springing in joyful haste

from their slumbers, embraced their long absent Superior with ejaculations of pra

ise and benediction. CHAPTER V. 1633,

1634. THE HURON MISSION. Plans of Conversion ? Aims and Motives ? In

dian Diplomacy ? Hurons at Quebec ? Councils ? The Jesuit Chapel ? Le Borgne ? The

Jesuits Thwarted ? Their Perseveran

ce ? The Journey to the Hurons ? Jean de Brébeuf ? The Mission Begun

Le Jeune had learned the difficulties of the Algonquin mission. To imagine that